parCitypatory blog

Here’s a quick guide to this blog:

  • Reading are articles by me on background issues such as community participation or the post series leading up to and including HABITAT III Conference in October 2016. Currently, I am presenting different participatory  methods:


  • Voices from (…) is the core of this blog. It features different cities from all over the world and their innovations for urban development and participation. Posts are almost exclusively written by guest authors. On this map, you can see a geographical distribution of the Voices so far!


  • Innovations is about urban trends I found,
    such as improving a neighbourhood through urban gardening initiatives or street art – here are the posts from the ongoing street art series. This formerly neglected alleyway in Cork, Ireland on the picture to the right is a great example for the potential of street art (source: own picture). Feel free to use my hashtag #followthestreetart on social media!


  • Recommendations are any books, movies, other blog articles or events I find or you recommend. For several updates and ideas a week, follow me on Instagram.


  • Projects is the newest section, so keep checking back! #mapyourhood is the first project and it invites you to take a pencil, a piece of paper and get a bit creative.


In some ways, this blog is like a neighbourhood – and I need you to participate for it to work and be as colorful and innovative as possible!

This website has been online since May 2016. Please tell you friends and family about it and spread the word!

You can contact me at If you are interested in telling the story of participation in your community or would like to contribute to my blog in any other way, let me know. For more information on the consultancy work I do, see here!