I have both theoretical and practical experience in participatory urban development. As your consultant for urban planning projects, I will develop and implement a participation strategy together with you, citizens, NGOs and any other relevant actors. My focus areas are community engagement, methods for participatory planning, urban resilience and sustainability in cities.

I can work in English, Spanish and German and am available for freelancing as well as travelling. Currently, I am based in Mexico City. The consultancy can also include a thorough social media strategy and further project communication.

I offer these skills:

I am ready to work in countries of the Global South as well as the Global North and have experience in both. Here are some of my past projects:

Fundraising and project management consulting for Mexican NGO ENSAMBLE (2019)

– cooperation in PR
– advice on SDG 11


Consulting for the project Participation.Urbanism.Interaction.Urbanism

– translation (English to German)
– advice on content of the project’s final report


Project manager for cdmXberlin (2018-2019)

– conceptualisation and management of www.cdmXberlin.org, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the city partnership between Berlin and Mexico City
– collecting favourite places of inhabitants of both cities in a participatory process with the aim of combining all of these places


Development of risk communication strategies for more resilient cities, Understanding Risk Conference 2018, Mexico City

– participation in the “Pressure Cooker” Format
– social media expert


Mapping project to explore neighbourhood potential (since 2017)

– participatory mapping with neighbours to develop improvement ideas for their community
exhibition of drawings online: #mapyourhood


Consultant for the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum, Manchester, UK (2017)

– developing suggestions and improvements for the existing Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum in cooperation with neighbours and fellow students
– transect walks in Levenshulme and presentation of results


Spring School Participant: Urban Activism and Participatory Urban Planning in Central and Eastern Europe (2017)

– learning about participation in Vinnytsia and cooperating with local activists
– developing ideas for improved participation in the area


Conference participant and supporting in developing the Affordable Housing Manifesto: Zero Cost Housing (2016)

– co-producing the Oerlikon Declaration, contributing ideas on participation in affordable housing


Neighbourhood representative for nebenan.de (2015-2018)

–  initiated and developed an online network of my neighbourhood in Berlin with the help of the nebenan.de platform to create more connections between local residents


Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant for Katha in New Delhi (2015)

– support and evaluation of the women community programme
– regular visits to participating schools to improve quality of lessons
– development of a monitoring and evaluation concept for all activities of the NGO Katha


Education consultant for PROJECT-E in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2014-2015):

– research and conceptualisation of a new hospitality school for female orphans
– development of social protection and community engagement strategies for PROJECT-E


PR consultant and website support for Schools@University (since 2013)

– conceptualisation of a PR strategy
– advice on content
– categorisation of projects into SDGs
– input on education for sustainability
– practical support with project implementation