SDG 11 in Mexico City

Since I have spent more than a year in Mexico City now and am already working on Sustainable Development Goal 11 in my capacity as a Local Pathways Fellow with SDSN, I will use this section to share some ideas! The question is: How can Mexico City achieve SDG 11 and what is it already doing towards that end?

It is focused on making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Target 11.3 is particularly interesting, since it aims to “By 2030, enhance  inclusive and sustainable urbanization and capacity for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management in all countries.”

As always, the United Nations are coming up with great ideas, but so far, the Agenda 2030 with its SDGs and the New Urban Agenda is not performing as well as it needs to in order to meet all of its goals by 2030. Data collection and performance measurement are still difficult. These are the indicators for Target 11.3:

  • 11.3.1: Ratio of land consumption rate to population growth rate
  • 11.3.2: Proportion of cities with a direct participation structure of civil society in urban planning and management that operate regularly and democratically
In order to get an idea of what this means for cities, I will take the example of Mexico City and dedicate many blog posts to its performance on SDG 11 and Target 11.3 in particular. You can read more about the goal here.

These are the articles already published on parCitypatory looking at SDG 11 in Mexico City: