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My name is Laura and I am from Germany. I understand myself as a facilitator and communicator, offering you this platform and showing many different approaches to successful participation and modes of urban development in cities all over the globe. But most of all, I want to enter a dialogue with as many of you as possible!


I currently distribute my time between Hamburg and Mexico City, and have spent time living in Ethiopia, India, the UK and Brasil. My Master’s degree was called “Global Urban Development and Planning”. Since completing it in 2017, I am active as an urban journalist, consultant and writer. Find me on Instagram or hire me as a writer via my little business Texts and the City!

Get in touch to tell me more about your city, and if you are interested in joining and/or contributing, this is your neigbourhood!

Enjoy reading and participating!

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dear Laura, nice to meet you this way! I’ m looking forward to Rattisommerpension with you !
    I like to follow you with big interest
    See you soon Lisa

  2. Dear Laura,

    I just discovered your website and I am stunned! What a great idea! I wish you all the best in Manchester and looking forward to read from you.


  3. Dear Laura,
    As Lisa said above, this is the best way to meet you. You introduce yourself well with knowledge and love to improve communities over the globe. A part from that, this platform provides us with opportunity to share, exchange and communicate with peers in an effective way. Good luck and hope to contribute with you soon.
    Kind regards
    Tarig Ahmed

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