CitiScope is my favourite website for urban news.

Let’s start the recommendation section with my favourite website and resource hub, “Citiscope”:

Independent journalists from all over the world report on urban trends and news. There is a fantastic newsletter. If you are interested in a short round-up of current urban developments and breaking news from cities worldwide, you should sign up for the CitiSignals newsletter.

Citiscope is THE online address to learn more and stay up to date on HABITAT III, the gigantic global conference by the United Nations on future urban development happening in October 2016 in Ecuador (here is my article on HABITAT III).

What are your favourite websites on urban development? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below and don’t hesitate to contact me (

Updat 2019: Citiscope is now part of This is Place.

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  1. That’s very right, Laura! CitiScope is very informative n analytical. As an urban planner, I too find it very useful.

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