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parCitypatory is a blog to inspire city makers, urban planners, NGOs, local government members and citizens all over the world to make their cities more participatory.

Once every few months, you will find a new article on an issue related to participation. You can also work with me as a writer or get support in strategic communications around participation and urban development. 

The parCitypatory blog is divided into four main sections: Stories about Participation, Innovations in Participation, Resources for Participation, and the Basics of Participation.

Stories About Participation

These are voices from all over the world. I invite or interview experts to hear about their solutions in creating a more participatory city.

Innovations in Participation

Innovative new methods and ideas for participation, including pop-up interventions and street art

Resources for Participation

Recommendations for urban planning resources and materials

The Basics of Participation

Introduction to the ideas and theory behind participation and people-centred urban planning

Get In Touch

I work as a blogger, urban journalist and consultant for participatory methods. If you are interested in telling the story of participation in your community or would like support in the implementation of participatory approaches to urban planning, let me know at For more information on the consultancy work I do, see here!

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