ParCitypatory’s First Birthday!

A look back at one year of parCitypatory.

This week marks one year of parCitypatory! I started the blog in May 2016 and am proud to see it growing and evolving. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I do.

To celebrate a bit, why not have a look back at some of the articles from last year?

There are already five recommendations for great resources about cities and urban planning.

One of the highlights after half a year of parCitypatory was the HABITAT III Conference in Quito. Click here for an overview of articles related to HABITAT III. There are more to come about the implentation of the New Urban Agenda, which acts as a rough guideline for cities around the world. Another up-coming article will be about a conference I attended last year about Affordable Housing. I also published my first academic paper there: “India, slum-free by 2022?“.

Recently, I stumbled upon a street art installation at my own university. It’s also a great reminder, especially on a birthday occasaion, to think about goals and things to be achieved:

As part of my street art series, which is still ongoing, I had featured the artist Candy Chang and her public blackboard and sticker projects. It’s always great to see something you only wrote about so far pop up in reality!

Finally, I collected voices from around the world and made many interesting new contacts and friends in the process. Giving their stories as platform is the main idea of my blog and I hope there will be many more voices and stories to come!

Overall, there are 33 articles for you to explore on parCitypatory’s pages. If you want to read more of my articles, check out these artices on and Digital Development Debates. Feedback on any of these is more than welcome!

I’m also looking ahead this week and hope to reach more and more people in the next year. Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter. Don’t forget to tell friends and family about parCitypatory and, finally, if you’re interested in contributing in any way, let me know!

Thank you for sticking with me and stay tuned for more articles on participatory urban planning! A special thank you goes out to all guest authors and interviewees.

Love, Laura.

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