Voices from (…)

Voices from (…) is the core part of this blog. Here, people are telling their stories!

This is a platform for voices, ideas and experiences from urban neighbourhoods all over the world. I hope to feature as many voices as possible. Please feel warmly invited to publish your story here (contact me: laura@parcitypatory.org).

Inclusion and the opportunity to participate or make one’s voice heard are most difficult in informal settlements or poor neighbourhoods. Therefore, I will feature some of the stories which were collected by the United Nations for World Habitat Day 2014. They had a campaign called “Voices from Slums” and I would like to revive this campaign by re-posting their accounts and hopefully adding more!


Copyright: UN HABITAT


I am not focusing exclusively on informal settlements but am interested in all kinds of urban communities and participation therein. Would you like to share a story from your neighbourhood?